Online LPN Programs

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A licensed practical nurse is considered one step below a registered nurse.  If you pursue your LPN, you will still be in charge of patients, but some techniques you will not be able to perform yourself.  For instance, intravenous therapy, administering blood products, or supervising a floor are not generally allowed under this license.  You will be able to administer medications by mouth and by injection, assess patients, and evaluate treatments.  You are restricted in this degree, but it takes less time and effort to obtain it.  Most LPN programs are a year to 18 months of schooling, full-time.

Taking LPN Programs Online

Online LPN programs are available, but this is another degree you will need to take at a college or trade school close to home.  You will be expected to complete clinical rotations at least once per week.  Although the actual class work will be online, nothing can take the place of working with patients, assessing for problems, and learning to manage your time on the floor.

LPN Bridge Programs

One interesting part of online LPN programs is the prevalence of LPN to RN programs that are now available.  This is a viable option for students who want the quickness of obtaining an LPN diploma with the flexibility to increase your pay and responsibility with an RN degree.  Some of the RN degrees offered online for LPNs are two years, but some can allow you to go all the way towards your BSN.  It is important to determine what your career goals are and make a decision that makes sense for you in time and money.