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Launched in early 2012, NursingClassesOnline.net is an informational resource site for nursing students and professionals everywhere. In addition to providing a searchable data base of accredited programs, listings for job openings around the U.S., and salary and employment data for all 50 states, we are also proud to feature weekly blog posts and other contributions written by a panel of nurses and nursing students just like you!

Our Mission

NursingClassesOnline.net is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, trustworthy online resource for information on nursing careers and education. By featuring content authored by industry insiders, we help the next generation of healthcare providers to make the informed choices necessary to successfully reach their goals.

About Our Panel of Contributors

At NursingClassesOnline.net, we place a high premium on ensuring that the information we provide is not only topical and useful to our visitors, but also second-to-none in terms of credibility. In order to achieve this goal, we proudly work with a panel of regular contributors who, in addition to being talented writers, are also current healthcare professionals.  This approach allows us to offer advice and opinions that are not only interesting and insightful, but from trustworthy sources as well.

About School Recommendations

NursingClassesOnline.net is not directly affiliated with any of the schools mentioned on our site. All recommendations provided are based solely on matching a prospective student’s desired program type with relevant schools located in his or her geographic region. This does not constitute an endorsement of any particular program or institution, and should not be interpreted as such.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or concerns for the webmaster regarding the content of this site, or are interested in advertising opportunities through NursingClassesOnline.net, please fill-out the following contact form and we will respond to you as soon as possible.