Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

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If you are already a registered nurse with a four-year degree, you can further your education by becoming a certified registered nurse practitioner through an accredited online nurse practitioner program.  These courses offer a master’s level degree, and take about 18 months to complete for full-time students.  At the end, and depending on the state you live in, you will be able to examine, diagnose, and treat patients.  In addition, most CRNP’s have the ability to prescribe medication.  You will work under the direction of a doctor, but the need for these intermediate health care providers is booming.

The Appeal of Online Nurse Practitioner Programs

With an online program, you will take all of your classes over the computer.  This way, you can easily work the education into your busy lifestyle.  Although this degree requires clinical work, as well, you can take the education through any online provider.  Many institutions will help you to set up your clinical rotations close to your home so that you can meet the requirements to sit for boards.  If you are looking to increase your pay and responsibility in a convenient online atmosphere, pursing your CRNP is the best way to improve your career standing.