Online CNA Programs

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A certified nursing assistant is often on the front lines of patient care, and many of today’s professionals got their start through online CNA programs. The proliferation of CNA classes online has made it possible for many individuals, who otherwise would not have been able to pursue formal training, to embark upon an exciting career as one of the most-important caregivers in the healthcare industry.

Curriculum in Online CNA Programs

The typical workday for a CNA involves helping patients with activities of daily living, such as toileting and dressing, and informing the on-duty nurse (usually an RN) if they notice a problem with a patient, such as a bedsore. As one would expect, preparing students for these types of duties involves a great deal of hands-on clinical training. Nonetheless, accredited online CNA programs usually also include a fair amount of medical theory, basic sciences, and other relevant material that will help the student become as well-rounded and flexible as possible. The clinical portion of the program must be completed in-person at a physical location, however.

Where to Find CNA Classes Online

Some trade schools, hospitals, and junior colleges are making the CNA curriculum available online.  If you do not attend your clinicals, though, you run the risk of getting dropped from the program.  These programs usually only take a few months, and most of them are done within the clinical setting.