Happy 4th of July!!!

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On this July 4th as we celebrate the 237th anniversary of the founding of the United States, be sure to thank those men and women in uniform that keep our principles and freedoms alive. Not only should you give thanks to the battlefield warriors who are laying their lives on the line but also those who make things happen behind the lines. Maybe more importantly don’t forget the medical staff such as the US Army Nurse Corp who make it possible for our loved ones and warriors to return home after being injured.

In celebration of the brave spirit of our men and women in the US Army Nurse Corp, we offer this poster breaking down the history of this prestigious and necessary group. From the very humblest beginnings as volunteers to the today’s front line professional medical teams, they work hard each and every day to make sure your fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers or spouses come home.

So as we eat our hot dogs and burgers right off the grill while waiting for the fireworks this 4th of July, just remember those who have served to keep our lives and freedoms safe. Hoist up a mug or bottle and give thanks to those who have and continue to make this day possible.

US Army Nurse Corps